Published July 4, 2009

Written and published while

living in Barcelona

A  (I have taken the 'liberty' to make some grammatical corrections that slightly differ from the 'original' statement.  Keep in mind this was written in 2009)

I pledge allegiance to Flag of the United States of America and to the republic for which it stands, one nation, under God, indivisible, with liberty, equality and justice for all.

A country that is founded on the core principle of individual freedom...

Where citizens may choose to do what they want  . . . but limited by law under a consensus that doing some things will have a negative communal affect in line with certain moral and ethical values commonly held . . .

These limits are after all only symbolic, as they can't physically prohibit actions citizens have the capability of doing with free will.  Whether their actions injure themselves or others, it is the overall responsibility of the individual or (entity in the case of family or business) to act in line with what we all hope are principles that will not injure, impede, or hinder the lives of our neighbors near and far.

Some of our freedoms and limits on them, have been controversial since the country's inception, and since then have evolved to compromise varying positions on what common moral and ethical values should be held while pertaining to such controversial issues...from separate but equal segregation, prohibition, and overall civil rights, covering, gender, fertility and voting rights.  Some of these issues still remain at large because of their controversial themes, where in some cases a consensus has been made, but remain largely debated, like fertility, gender, and substance rights.

Almost all of us don't like the loss of life or potential life.  Here we are at consensus, and this is the reason why we must work together to mitigate the need for any woman to make her difficult decision of abortion, whether it be through better contraceptive techniques and availability or possible options of adoption, and foster care...working together we can mitigate abortion.

Individuals can choose who they want to relate with, period.  This also goes for who they want to relate with sensually.  If there are benefits for couples who wish to remain together in union, then all couples must be granted such rights and benefits of such unions.

From the days of alcohol prohibition to today with other various substances that are restricted but being widely used.  This has created a war in which vast amounts of our money is spent trying to contain the uncontainable, further perpetuating violence.  The money currently spent in combating certain substance trafficking and use, along with the money that could be raised from legalized regulation could foster an array of potential projects that benefit society.  Substances and the users of substances are inevitable.  If individuals want certain substances, most, aren't hard to find, those who want to use substances use them.  Those that don't, won't.  It must be taught that many things are addicting including certain substances.  If this is known individuals can overcome such addictions that negatively affect their lives and others.  Money raised from legalized regulation could easily fund rehabilitation options that currently aren't available for those that need help now.  If not legalized regulation, at least decriminalization.  Stop letting the prison system, considered to be a 'growth' industry, be fueled by the imprisonment of drug offenders.

These controversial issues are used particularly through media and certain interests to further divide the citizens of our country, instead of uniting them in logical consensus to tackle larger issues like education,  energy, health and foreign relations.

We are in a situation today, that was largely created by the malpractice of a minority in both state and private sectors:  Two wars started by us, based on preemptive falsehoods which continue to this day, and a global financial meltdown on wild securitized speculation by some of the largest financial institutions in the world, many of which are headquartered in our country.  Those responsible must be held accountable.

The events of september 11, 2001, stunned the citizens of our country, leaving us infuriated wanting revenge and answers.  Our rage made us vulnerable to an administration's agenda to use the tragedy as a stepping stone into full preemptive air strikes, moving in with troops and tanks on the ground and battle ships in the seas.  All this was based on the connection of attacks coming from a rouge member of the royally connected Saudi Arabian Bin Laden family, Osama.  He in turn went rogue because the Saudis accepted help and allowed us to use and 'protect' their country in the first gulf war and denied him the honor of protecting his own country without our help.  Osama didn't like this so much, and became even more radical against western powers, especially against us, eventually leading to 9/11.  And less than a month later in Afghanistan where supposedly Osama the mastermind was hanging out we persuaded our buddies in NATO to invade, occupy and begin a witch hunt.  So instead of doing sweet covert missions to pin point Osama, like James Bond, Borne Identity style, we invade an already war torn country where it is very hard to find a wealthy rouge extremist.  To say the least we still haven't found him, and our hands are bloody with thousands of innocent civilian Afghan lives and are responsible for the deaths of some 700 US and 500 NATO coalition soldiers.

(Extra comment not a part of the original statement:  In May 2011, Osama was finally found and killed in a covert mission to invade a huge compound in Pakistan)

A year and a half following 9/11, a new enemy is linked to the attacks, Saddam Hussein.  Still today there is no evidence to support this claim but he was blatantly linked to the attacks by our presidential leadership, who also accused him of having weapons of mass destruction.  That accusation contradicted our own covert intelligence that the weapons Hussein had following the first gulf war, were stripped from him, and his facilities shut down and monitored.  Even if some chemical weapons were missed, their shelf life was no longer than a couple of months.  After all, many of his weapons came from us when we supported him against Iran in the first persian (Iran-Iraq) war during the 1980s, and then were destroyed by us when we disciplined Iraq for invading Kuwait following the end of the first Golf (Iraq)War.  Oh and we also covertly supported Iran in the Iraq/Iran war, we simply wanted the war to last, and didn't want either side to win, but to destroy each other as much as possible.

Six years later, we are still in Iraq and more then 4000* US soldiers have died.  That is 1000 more casualties then the victims in 9/11 and tens of thousands of Iraqi's have died.  Eight hundred thirty billion dollars has been allocated and another 77 billion is pending, to bring the 2009 total to 144 B and the total cost to 907 billion dollars...we were told the war would be quick, and it would only cost 50Billion, one White House official said it would cost closer to 200B and he stopped working there shortly after...

It is likely that the cost will surpass One trillion dollars - CAN WE even quantify this!!

This money could have financed years of various domestic programs from education, health, to upgrading our train system and giving some of our largest cities like Houston adequate subway systems. To begin foreign aid programs of construction, including building vast infrastructure systems for developing countries including Afghanistan and Iraq...All the money allocated for these recent wars could have funded these programs for years easily...but that was not the intent.  Instead we were led in to an unjustifiable war.

Instead, our money is being drained into a minority of companies and their shareholders that make a living on taking advantage of war and the possibility of war, and making profits doing so...WAR is not constructive! Its torture! You think water boarding is torture, WAR is TORTURE!, killing and blowing things up is TORTURE and it doesn't leave any room for productive discourse to reach a consensus on how to remedy conflicts of interest...instead it further dichotomizes or divides the interests and can make them even more extreme than before... 

Particularly in a preemptive war based on fabricated evidence by the world's super power...

This is not acceptable!!   Those responsible, from Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, and the other entities, particularly media that helped make the push and justification for war possible must be held responsible!  It has come to light how negligently they led us at a vulnerable time, taking advantage of us, tarnishing the good will and universal world-wide sympathy toward us generated by 9/11.  Such conduct enraged many of us to seek Justice, including the world community...although it is likely such justice won't come to fruition, we know, and you know of your intended negligence, and this itself is enough, knowing that your consciousnesses of this will weigh on you for the rest of your lives....try to look at the stars and moon now without degrading yourself of how you could have justified your actions...

The individuals and companies who have greatly profited from these wars, you owe the American people.  War is not to be profitable, for it only encourages more.  The cost of war does not include profits for it over values it.  Billions of dollars should be returned to the American people without litigation.  If we're are dragged into an unnecessary war, we at least want to pay for it at cost, not cost plus profit margins.  We know who profited, and we want our excess expenses back from the unnecessary and illegal wars we were dragged into...again, we know these demands will most likely be unfruitful...for those that are in the business of war and destruction for a profit have no dignity or interest in repaying the American people or the lives they helped destroy....although if some spontaneous act of goodwill by these companies and their shareholders arose, they most certainly wouldn't be turned away.

There are others that should repay the American people and the customers they have taken advantage of, particularly businesses in the financial and automotive sectors...

The American frontier of capitalism and the reign of the free market, is a pillar of our society, and when there are excuses given to veer away from our foundational principles, one has to wonder what kind of system we really stand for...

Simply businesses have to maintain practices today that enable them to continue to operate tomorrow.  If they are unable to operate at this standard, and they continue to operate at a loss, they remain responsible for such losses.  Their shareholders either reinvest their past dividends or the company sells more shares or bonds to raise more money and try to pioneer something new and sustainable, or they settle their losses for which they are liable and close up shop.  And if they made enough in their prior years of operation then their losses that shut them down today, would only be a small loss of the overall profits the business and its shareholders had accrued over its operative they were an overall success for their investors, but their time of operation has come to an end.

This is business in the United States, the principle of capitalism, you either operate in a fashion that allows you to continue or you don't.  However, our government, has chosen at times to bail out companies including banks that have failed to operate by this main principle.  The most recent 'crisis' has seen unprecedented government intervention in businesses that fundamentally failed to operate responsibly on this principle, and instead of letting capitalism run its course, holding the shareholders and their upper management responsible for their failures, we the taxpayers and customers subsidize their failures.  We citizens are far from shareholders in companies who aim to make profits off of us, then we 'bail them out' so they have a chance at surviving and then continue to make even more profits off of us.  The claim that companies are 'too big to fail' is scandalous in a market that sees most shares, around 90% of them, more or less, in the 'public' market of private companies being held by the wealthiest 20% of the population, where there is even more concentration of ownership as one climbs the ladder towards the wealthiest 1%.  So, these companies owned by the wealthiest of our country, need the working class tax payers to take the burden of saving them?  Are you kidding! What kind of business and representation of the people is this?

If large companies and their shareholders can't support their operations they are done.  Those in the working class affected by their failure should be bailed out, including low level employees and any other public infrastructure that may need assistance, like public schools, not the irresponsible businesses, and their failed leadership of upper management and shareholders.

If they are so called 'too big to fail' because of their connections throughout the market with various industries and how their potential failure would be disastrous to other irresponsible businesses associated with the failing businesses, creating some sort of domino effect that would incapacitate the broad market owned by the wealthiest people in the world who depend on the working class for it to function, and then also bail them out? Seems a bit irrational.

AIG, one of the largest insurance companies in the world, employing just over 100,000 people, is connected to a variety of the failed business 'crisis' activities, but is now owned by the American people, who hold an 80% ownership in the company.  But the people don't have any say in its operation, because we hold preferred shares, which hold no voting rights.  We own an insurance company, but many of us hold policies with other insurers, many with just minimal insurance and many still uninsured, which seems quite oxymoronic.  On top of this the individuals who drove the company to failure continue their jobs, and are compensated way beyond their productivity, from bonuses to salary.

GM is another large entity involved in self destructive practices leading it to its own demise.  Where the company had the potential to be a pioneering force in the industry of transportation, specifically transportation that does not involve the internal combustion engine.  Instead GM decided to put off their own technological innovations until it was too late, innovations that would have allowed them to remain one of world's leading automakers, being responsible for spurning a new industrial and technological revolution in the transportation industry.  Both shareholders and workers of GM should be irate for this occurring and demanding who, how and why this was allowed to happen.  The rest of us should also be enraged, as citizens asked to bailout another ill-responsible company, and as customers and consumers of a market that is supposed to offer us the best, most efficient and advanced products that have been engineered.

The more significant factor of the 'crisis' was due to banks, choosing, to take on more and more risk with the working class, depleting their reserves, with the theory that, the more loans it made, it could then bundle them together as a security that could be sold to other larger financial institutions where they would ultimately make money, because the risk would be spread out, the successful loans were supposed to make up for the failed ones.  At times the loans of the primary lending institutions didn't even meet their criteria for a loan they would normally make, but since these loans would be 'securitized' and sold it was okay.

Perhaps if the working class decided to save itself, taking the guts of the failed operations that would be worth saving and beneficial to them, they could protect and save one another, even those with the failed loans.  Then parting ways with the irresponsible entities, and their shareholders, they could possibly create new hybrid entities that succeed where their predecessors fundamentally failed.  Such an approach could have been more rational, representative and in the interest of the citizens of the United States of America.

There is no doubt that millions have suffered while thousands have benefited during our most recent 'recession crisis.'  That may be defined better as robbery by the very individuals who created it, from government administration, to the shareholders and upper management of some of the biggest companies in our country and the world.

Government administrations, which broadly deregulated the agencies that were put in place following the last great depression, were lobbied by the same shareholders and interests that are largely responsible for the negligent practices of the current (2008) recession.  Now bailing out the very companies that lobbied for the deregulation, merely adds insult to injury.  Many shareholders sold their shares before the drop, knowingly or unknowingly, taking great inflated profits, in a stock market that lags behind in truly valuing companies, where short and long term speculation along with unknown business practices, inflate or deflate 'market' prices greatly, where stocks trade nowhere near their book value.

The broad speculation from shorts, longs, futures and various securitized options that are offered in our markets, creates a casino like environment where gamblers pose as investors to speculate on businesses they don't even have an interest in succeeding, other then creating more capital for themselves.  This creates unnecessary volatility throughout the tangible and intangible markets.

This type of speculation is likely to continue indefinitely.  With a fraction of a percent tax on these types of transactions they are likely to remain unaffected and slow very little, allowing the great casino of speculation to continue but would raise billions of dollars to pay off national debt or be invested by the government for the rest of us that don't benefit from the speculation of casino markets.  This approach would reward long term investors who are in the markets for the actual success of businesses, but would nominally penalize those who have no interest in whether the business succeeds or not, only speculating on the various options trades to make a quick buck.

As for the great malpractice and greed performed by many financial institutions including some of the largest in the world, is plain criminal.  Complex calculations were formulated in order to legitimize decisions that were contrary to fundamental business logic.  These practices have now legitimized any regulatory oversight thought necessary to contain and minimize such future behavior.  If businesses especially banks are blind to logical business practices, then there has to be some kind of fence around a blind laissez-faire so it doesn't wonder off and get lost again.

Such a fence existed, but was torn down, reassembling a hybrid one that includes stringent reserve requirement protocols, would probably be a good idea.  Including stipulations on investment priority areas like, affordable housing, the green economy and other social priority investments, where there are lower reserve requirements if banks invest in these areas.  The government could even help banks into these areas by offering different levels of loan guarantees depending on the investment.

We stand today, as a country that has overcome many challenges since our secession from Great Britain, and is again facing another challenging time.  Largely self inflicted by administrative representatives and business leaders, who are supposed to lead us into great prosperity, not debt.   Instead of being an example of constructive change in a world of great inequality and exploitation we were led into unjustifiable illegal wars turning world sympathy into world animosity, and led into financial ruin by the institutions that aren't supposed to allow trillions of dollars slip away into nothing because of bad decisions contrary to fundamental financial and accounting business principles.

Certain decisions have been made to mitigate potential financial disaster, whether these were the most socially responsible and practical is now past trivia.  However, how current leadership and those with great monetary influence and interest, including those who benefited from the recent bailouts and wars, decide to act in this time of opportunity to develop a more refined and stable business structure that fosters constructive practices and innovations for this century will be of dire importance.

The United States is a roaring lion, with great citizens who fuel it.  Those who oppose it violently, just give it more reason to roar.  Organizations, states, and individuals like Osama that would like the U.S. interests out of theirs, must not continue to offer reasons for the roar.  Instead allow the great citizens who fuel the roar, to tame it into a more constructive prance.  Simply, stop blowing yourself up, and sponsoring others to do so. (Salam Alaikum)

The whole argument of socialist name calling must stop.  The United States believe it or not, is a socialist country and any other country that imposes a tax is too.  Every citizen pays taxes period.  These taxes are then supposed to be used in the best interests of the whole, currently and in the past.  Our representatives have felt that an extraordinary build up in defense was necessary, spending more per year then all other countries combined for decades.  Today, we have enough nuclear weapons to blow up ourselves and the world more then a hand full of times.

We have established ourselves as the world's superpower.  No one can come close to our arsenal and military capability.  So instead of ordering that next B-2 spirit stealth bomber, that 'costs' near 740 million dollars, we should order a fleet of John Deere and Caterpillar earth movers to load onto our battleships, and start building infrastructures at home and abroad, because we, citizens and soldiers, of the United States of America are builders, just as we are fighters.

The United States and their citizens are not to be undervalued, which is exactly what the dollar is today, undervalued.  We are some of the hardest workers in the world, spending more time doing work then most others.  We are buried in debt, but can still come out on top, because we are determined to do so.  There is plenty of work to be done on our country's infrastructure.  Industrial Detroit is ready to be revived with a new innovator and we have plenty of citizens that want to work, so lets get at it!

The current administration was elected based on the hope of change, take us there, lead us, show us what the United States really can be, for itself, and for the rest of the world. 

This is the underground legion and we're here to help.

*In the original statement I said 5000 US soldiers died instead of 4000.  It was a type-o and my only factual error.

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