Recorded and Published Mid-October 2008


Self Recorded Ultimatum Proclamation, On the Washington Monument mound, First ad-lib attempt fails, Regroup, Notes jotted, Next night return,

Three takes to rap, Including nosey noisy bypassers,

Video too long for YouTube, Google Video Suffices


        This was the self fulfilling prophecy of my journey.  It was in the back of my mind before I even started out on the bike ride leaving San Francisco on New Year's Eve.  If I could get to our nation's capital, this was what I was going to do.  No big protest rally, no loud civil disobedience no sandwich poster boards, just a recorded message to state my comments and concerns.

My first attempt at recording my message was more of a scout of the area, and the preparations that I needed to make before trying again.  I had originally planned to ad-lib the entire thing.  It soon became apparent that that would not work.  The same night and the next day I spent outlining my ideas with some complete sentences that I would repeat verbatim.  But the rest would still be ad-libbed from my outline with key words to take me from one topic to the next.  This approach was finally successful after three recording attempts.

The first night I went to the Mall I found out that recording near the reflection pool wasn't going to work because there was too much foot traffic.  I walked around to find another area and ended up on the Washington Monument hill.  This spot was not trafficked much at all.

I returned the second night to the hill on the western side of the monument and I set up my Kodak camera with my small tripod.  On the first two recording attempts I fumbled my words too much, but my third attempt was much better.  Even though it was far from perfect I thought it was good enough.

During my recordings the foot traffic on the hill picked up.  Including a little old lady that came directly up to me and asked if I knew a place that she could buy something.  I was thinking are you kidding me, and told her “there isn't much around the mall and to go check the 'Federal Triangle,'”  pointing in its direction.  She greatly resembled a little old lady that I had seen in an FBI documentary training video I had seen earlier, not totally sure if it was the same women or not, but I am pretty convinced that it was.  After she 'checked' me out, she took off her jacket as if to 'signal' that there wasn't any terrorist activities going on.  But maybe it was just warm.

Another couple that walked by closer then usual was talking and laughing louder than 'normal.'  You can hear them in my final recording, and make out a sentence that sounds like, 'and he's only twenty-three.'  This happens around the seven minute mark.

When I tried to up load the video to YouTube, I was informed that the video was too long.  I didn't know there was such a limit, and that I would have to make it into two or three parts if I wanted it on their site.  If there was another way around it I didn't figure it out, nor did I have the time to do so, trying to get out of the Briar residence.

Hence in 2008 I had to 'settle' for Goggle.  But now Google owns YouTube, and Google Videos migrated their user's content to YouTube which now hosts longer videos.  You can now view the video on YouTube under the title, 'United States Ultimatum Proclamation.'  Below is a 'transcript' of what I said, unedited for errors. (October 15, 2008)


This is the Ultimatum Proclamation of the United States of America, for the United States of America.  A country that holds to its principles of:  We the people find certain rights to be self evident and inalienable.  Among these are: Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness.  In recognizing these rights we give up some rights as a sovereign public whole, however we do not sacrifice our direct right to rule ourselves in our daily lives in line with our constitutional rights.  But we do give up some rights to directly govern ourselves.  We elect representatives to uphold, maintain, and adjust the constitution, if logical change represents the best for the sovereign whole, from micro to macro aspects of our daily lives.  These representatives are elected in two of the three angles of our federal triangle, by the sovereign United States Citizens, who choose to exercise their right or duty to vote.  The two being the executive and the legislative, and the third being the judicial.  The executive angle consisting of many people, but two whom are elected by the people, through means of the Electoral College.  These are the positions of the President and Vice President of the United State of America.  These are the two highest positions of our government.  Our president is considered one of the most powerful people in the world, commanding the world's largest military force, or peace keeping force, depending on the way you look at it as a Commander and Chief.  The utilization of this force greatly depends on the agenda of our president.  Seeking to better our country and the rest of the world.  Ranging from destructive war to constructive humanitarian foundation development at home and abroad.

However if our president were ever to misuse or abuse their powers they would be impeached or even tried for war crimes.  Both in this country and in other countries.  For instance, if intelligence is fabricated, manifested or manipulated to act as evidence for a preemptive war that will cost billions if not trillions of dollars to wage, this would be an abuse of power and a great failure to the sovereign people of the county they serve, bringing humiliation to the principles we stand for.  The other angle we elect, the legislative – consists of a bicameral congress, the House and the Senate, which is suppose to act as a check and balance to the executive.  The House has the ability to impeach the president for such misuse of powers, while the Senate tries the impeachment cases.  They have the ability not to grant executive war powers to the president if they feel information from the executive administration is wrong, false, or fabricated.  Failing to stand up to war hungry presidents of the 21st century in a diplomatic and information era is a disgrace to us, the people – of the world, and the people they represent.

The final angle of our federal triangle is the supreme court, whom aren't directly elected by the people, but by the elected representatives of the people mentioned earlier.  The judicial angle consists of nine justices, who can also be impeached.  In the disputed 2000 election the court voted five to four to halt a recount, and failed to initiate a subsequent investigation into the mishandling of the election and its legitimacy.  If such legitimacy is questioned in the upcoming 2008 election, the people, to say the least, will not sit idly, and if there is such a large discrepancy in the popular vote, like the one in the 2004 election, with the candidate winning the popular vote, but losing the election, due to an out dated Electoral College system that should be reformed, the people will not sit idly, for we are one sovereign country, among many sovereign people, each having their own sovereign vote.

We the people, also recognize the foundation of our market economy as apart of our daily lives, offering a range of products that cater to our individual life styles, but in some industries, mainly transportation, and energy, we don't have the same wide range of options, this might be due to the lack of competition or a failure to implement new technological innovations in the respective industries.  An example of this, is in our automotive industry, coming from our own domestic producer General Motors, with their failure to mass market one of the electric concept cars in the early nineties, which attained 400 miles per charge – Failure to release this option of transportation to the public, stating consumer safety as their reason to discontinue production, has stunted the growth and innovation of the electric car and the industry that surrounds it.  Infrastructure components that would have germinated around the new transportation options, charging modules at various service locations like, restaurants, movie theaters, parking lots, and at homes.  Instead the consumer has been left with buying foreign hybrids leaving the domestic producer operating at a loss and cutting american jobs.  Instead we as consumers wait for the release of GM's 2010 release of their new electronic concept and the stunted growth of infrastructure – that will cater to this new transportation option.

If the automobile is to remain a large part of our individual transportation, companies must continue to innovate and bring to market new options based on the best efficiency and cost of the daily work commuter.  It does not, and should not take any legislation, such as fuel efficiency standards, for any industry to maintain innovation and production on the competitive front line.  Stop tapering products into the market, just put them there, that is consumer demand, and we demand it.

Also in our market is health care, one of the largest and most profitable industries in the country.  Where we are the only industrialized nation left without universal health care.  We also spend more on health care per capita then any other country, over two trillion in all.  Simply the profiteers of this industry are not the people but instead a very micro population closely associated with the pharmaceutical companies and insurance companies.  If these operations are to continue the health care industry's interest should be to lower the cost of people's health care, to the average per capita rate of like industrialized nations.  Providing packages at rates affordable to small and family businesses based on their revenues or offering their respective employees individual affordable rates based on salaries.  And further down the ladder providing options for the unemployed, poor, and homeless populations, this is america, where we the people means, no one should be neglected or denied health service.  The wealth of our nation is the health of our nation.

Another fundamental element of our economy is finance, lending and loaning today to meet tomorrow's costs of individual living standards.  When loans are calculated, appraised, and made, it should already be evident that the debtor will be able to pay back such credit given, if they are unable it is the fault of the primary creditor for having miscalculated and appraised their customer wrongly.  We the people demand our present and future Commander and Chief to work with the large interests and come up to a compromise that is best for the people, not only for this country, but for the rest of the world.

These industry interests being health, transportation, energy and arms, but other interests too, of big families around the world, business families, working with, but also demanding their change in operations and practices that are still profitable but benefit the world in a more constructive way.  Our president and other leaders around the world should be working together non-stop and dealing with these issues, it is not only a matter of our security, as it is everyones.

Our world's wasted means on systems of destruction must be transformed into systems of construction.  This will bring us closer to peace and security with subsistence living for everyone in a world of plenty.

I am no one, as is everyone, if everyone is no one, we are all someone.


In the video I say, if something happens in the 2008 election, like what occurred in the 2000 election, that the country won't tolerate it, that is to say I wouldn’t. 

I don’t know what the country will do these days.  It’s confusing, 50% of the voting population vote, meaning Congress and the President are elected by only 25% of the voting population.  Hence, they are only ‘representing’ 25% of the country.

Stereotypically, US citizens and some of the World tend to joke about our negligence and naiveness, however the 50% that do vote probably don’t feel this way about themselves, and the 50% that don’t vote, for whatever reason, also most likely don’t feel this way.  That it is just a ‘joke’ to degrade ourselves when faced with leadership that allows a government shutdown and other mishaps.

We are not negligent nor naive.

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